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Fruit Flavors

Blue Wave - Soft blueberry candies coated with powdered sugar, an extra sweet blueberry treat

Cloud Nine - Ripe banana, sweet cream, and honeydew combine for a light banana cream vape

Dayman - Sweet pineapple and bright orange combine for a refreshing vape that reminds you of summertime

Grape Slurp - One of our most popular flavors!  Like sipping a mixed berry slush, with an extra grape kick!

Honey Do Pear - Crisp honeydew, ripe pear, and a touch of cream

Horizon - A bright, tropical infusion of strawberries, pineapple, raspberries, smoothed out with a splash of coconut.

Hyperion - A creamy dragon fruit medley

Melon Baller - Watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe with a heft topping of cream

Purple Stuff - Straight up grape vape

Red Potion - Strawberry, watermelon, and coconut

Slurp - Our most popular flavor!  The perfect fruit vape, just like sipping a mixed berry slush!

Strawberry Slurp - One of our most popular flavors!  Like sipping a mixed berry slush, with an extra strawberry kick!

Sunshower - Citrus, honeysuckle, and cream combine to form the perfect all-day vape

Sweet Nectar - Haiwaiian Pog drink flavor!  Passionfruit, orange, and guava.  A delicious and refreshing tropical vape.

Sweet n' Juicy - Sweet strawberries and succulent pineapple with juicy peaches for an awesomely smooth and sweet fruit vape

Swindler's Swag - Creamy cocunut combined with fresh pears

Tiger's Blood - Strawberry, watermelon, cocunut, and a dash of cream form this favorite snow cone flavor

Watermelon - Straight up watermelon

Candy Flavors

Blue Wave - Soft blueberry candies coated with powdered sugar, an extra sweet blueberry treat

Candy Rancher - Classic hard candies blended together for a tart and sweet vape

Fruit Crush - Strawberry, watermelon, and kiwi hard candies

Mojo - Sweet, tart, and sour fruit candy combine to form this gummi snake vape

Plasma - Blue raspberry cotton candy

Red Hot Cinnamon - Spicy cinnamon vape

Sour Planks: Blue Raspberry - Blue raspberry flavored sour straw

Stardust - Deliciously tart and sweet lemon-lime Japanese rope candy

Strawdiddles - Taste the rainbow of flavors with this flavor of tiny strawberry candies

Dessert Flavors

Apple Fritter - Sweet apple butter pastry topped with powdered sugar

Banana Slamma - Sweet, rich banana vape

Blue Potion - A buttery, flaky biscuit, filled with sweet blueberry jelly.  A perfectly balanced all day dessert vape

Coconut Cookie - Sweet cookie crumble and smooth coconut combine to form a toasted Macaroon

Crispy Treats - Sweet baked rice treat with melted marshmallow glaze

Cyclops - Vanilla custard, apple pie, marshmallow, and cream

McNutt - Almond, hazelnut, and Irish cream combine for a smooth and rich dessert vape

Nana Puddin' - Rich banana, buttery vanilla wafers, and wipped cream

Nebula - Strawberry ice cream in a rich waffle cone

Olympian - Peanut butter, banana, vanilla, cream, and caramel​

Peach Cobbler - Juicy peaches baked into a flaky crust and topped with a scoop of ice cream

Pegasus - Vanilla cupcake with honey and cream

Strawberry Fried Ice Cream - The strawberry version of your favorite fair treat

Strawberry Shortcake - Perfectly balanced strawberry shortcake ice cream bar

Strawnana Shake - Rich and creamy strawberry banana and vanilla ice cream milkshake

Sugar Grahams - Butterscotch teddy grahams with vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel

Sugar High - A combination of your favorite desserts

Sweet Dreams - Creamy strawberry cheesecake

The King - Peanut butter, banana, and maple syrup

Tiramisu - Vanilla, almond, a dash of brown sugar, and cream

Vanilla Fried Ice Cream - Your favorite fair treat

Venus - Tart lemon meringue pie with buttery flaky crust

Drink Flavors

Blackberry Lemonade - Tangy and sweet blackberry lemonade

Linda's Latte - Creamy cappuccino

Parthenon - Brown sugar, bourbon, and aged oak

Strawberry Lemonade - Refreshing strawberry lemonade

Breakfast Flavors

Blooper - Crunch berries, fruit loops, and sweet milk

Blueberry Glaze - A sweet, fluffy glazed donut filled with blueberry jam

Dat Milk - Creamy milk from  a bowl of marshmallow cereal

Glaze of Glory - Fluffy donut topped with a sugary glaze

Vive Le Crunch - French toast crunch cereal with sweet milk

Tobacco Flavors

Arabian Apple - Sweet apple and smoky tobacco 

Classic Delight - Light tobacco combined with a hint of ashy smoke

RY4x4 - Smooth pipe tobacco with a hints of vanilla and caramel

Turkish Delight - Turkish tobacco with a hint of ashy smoke

Menthol Flavors

Artic Blast - Ice cold menthol 

Berry Chill - Frosty mix of berries, marshmallow, and menthol

Chimera - Cinnamon and menthol

Cool Melonberry - Watermelon and berries

Santacide - Creamy peppermint and extreme menthol flavoring

Boomtown Value Blends

Value Blends are available in 60ml and 120ml sizes only.  All Value Blends are 3mg nicotine strength.

Bail Money - Fruity mixed berry drink

Bankrupt - Sweet grape gummy candies

Busted - Lemon meringue pie, tart and sweet

Declined - Blueberry cotton candy vape

Dollar Menu - Rich and sweet cinnamon roll

Down & Out - Raspberry custard w/ graham cracker

Evicted - Buttered cinnamon churro vape

Firesale - Classic cherry blowpop

Foreclosure - Oven fresh gingerbread cookie

Hot Check - Sweet peaches covered in cream

Late Fee - Orange cream ice cream bar

Overdrawn - Bright orange and sweet mango

Pink Slip - Tart cherry sour ball vape

Repossessed - Rich strawberries and cream

Rock Bottom - Fruit flakes and sweet milk 

Shortchanged - Crumbly blueberry cookie